Printed Sports Barrier Banners

We specialise in two types of sports event barrier banners – our favourite the vinyl mesh which we’ve used at our clients events for many years and the poly mesh which are lighter, machine washable and environmentally friendly.

Our bannering is event barrier ready (0.82cm high) in a choice of two lengths – 5 metre or 10 metre.

Single colour or full colour – it’s your choice. There is NO surcharge for full colour printing, so don’t be shy with colours and graphics. Additionally, as each banner is individually printed your order can all be identical or each item printed differently for the same price per square foot – so long as you provide the appropriate print ready art files.

Vinyl Mesh Banners

Vinyl Mesh Barrier Banners
Vinyl mesh banners are perfect for outdoor event barrier advertising. Our mesh banners have an open weave design that allows wind to pass through and decreases flapping – no flying barriers!

Perfect if your venue is prone to any wind and we find they generally look better should you not manage to hang the banner perfectly flat.

Poly Mesh Banners

Poly Mesh Barrier Banners
Want a more environmentally friendly banner to help preserve the delicate ecological balance? This is a fantastic fabric solution which is more sustainable than vinyl mesh. It’s widely used in recent years world-class sports and festival events as barrier/fence scrim banner!

Our state-of-the-art dye-sub printing process delivers crisp consistent colours and high resolution reproduction for clear sharp images and text at almost any distance. The colour is resistant to sun and rain – 5 years without fading.


  • 10oz, 1000 denier 12×12 knit PVC coated mesh material
  • High strength for long term use, lightweight, air permeable, UV & water resistant
  • Strong brass grommets
  • Solvent ink UV protected for long term use
  • High resolution 720dpi (or 360dpi) printing for amazing results


  • Light weight – 130gsm (half weight of regular mesh vinyl) air/wind permeable mesh structure
  • Can be folded and packed in a small bag – easy to carry
  • 100% polyester – fully recyclable
  • Resists scuffing, curling, wrinkles, folds and abrasion – color lasts 3-5 years without fade
  • Flame resistant & machine washable